Prize Winning Entry to the Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2014

The report and entry won first prize in Norway in the 2014 Stockholm Junior Water Contest.  

Can we discover the location of the polar jet streams over Norway using a high
altitude balloon? What properties can we see discover about the clouds over
Norway from photographs taken in these missions?

Our last mission in April 2014 called THOR1 was in collaboration with Stanford
University in California when over 50 countries participated in an international
event known as the Global Balloon Challenge.

We believe we discovered in this high altitude mission the location of the polar jet streams over Norway from audio signals we recorded from our gopro cameras.

We looked for the «core» of the strongest signals and inferred these cores were the center of the jet stream «cylinder» where the winds were at their maximum velocity.

In addition to audio, we discovered that the application of false color to the high altitude
images has made it easier for us to determine the types and patterns of
clouds. In particular we are looking for patterns in the large water filled clouds
known as cumulonimbus which are responsible for precipitation.

This report includes links to our findings,  and may assist others in Norway in researching this interesting area.

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Per Verås og elevene med FKG, Farsund