Gravity Racer (interdisciplinary project)

Project: Gravity Racer (go-cart)

Task A

Read the information about Gravity Racer at and write your answers to the questions:

1.What is a GRAVITY RACER?

2.What is the highest speed these cars can achieve?

3.What is their usual weight and speed?

4.Why do people build such cars?

5.Gravity Racer has different names in different countries.

6.Which names are usual in the UK? In Australia?

7.Give some examples of a different spelling in Scotland and Wales.

8.How is a go-kart different from a gravity racer?

9.What are the rules for soapbox or billy-cart derbies? List all the rules here.

10.Can such competitions raise money for charity?

11.Describe a typical gravity racer.

12.Read about more advanced gravity racers and explain the difference between a basic and a more sophisticated vehicle.

13.What have you learnt about the history of go-cart races?

14.Study “Physics Considerations” and find out what improvements can make your car faster. List your findings here.

Task B

(This task is optional and can give you extra points if done well. The information is to be incorporated in your speech (see Task C) However, you have to use your own words without reading the textJ)

Study the website below. Learn some facts about the UK`s longest and fastest go-cart race - Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme.Take some notes and be able to describe the track, the technical specifications for soapbox carts, the competition rules and the rules for safety.

Task C

Prepare your speech (app. 5 min.) Your speech will be recorded and you will be given a grade. Include the following:

·The names of your teammates

·The official title of the project

·Materials and tools

·Team work / cooperation, e.g. how your work was organized, how you split the tasks, responsibility etc.

·Problems and solutions, e.g. you can mention if all the members of your team worked hard or not; who did most and who could have done more; who was most skillful in your group etc.

·The final result and your satisfaction / dissatisfaction with the go-cart

·What you could do differently next time

·What you learnt about gravity racers / go –carts /competitions

·What new English words and phrases you remember

·What grade you expect for the project and explain your reasons.