Tools. Follow up activities

TOOLS (a follow up activity)

Group work (3 people in a group)

Write a short story. Your characters should make use of some tools (axe, hammer, screwdriver, saw, plane, drill, penknife, pliers, spanner etc.)

Think about a location /a place, a period of time, characters and events.

Read your story in class / dramatize it.

Choose one of these:

1.A humorous story

2.A drama-like story ( e.g.: a real life characters facing different problems)

3.A gothic /horror story (e.g.: a young boy/girl with extraordinary powers, a honeymoon couple, a mad scientist, an elf, a monster / poltergeist, spiders, bats etc.)

Groups can have up to 40 min. to write and dramatize their stories.

A teacher might read a short extract from Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome (a hanging a picture sceneJ ) or students can read it themselves (it is a humorous scene)

It is possible to talk about Jerome K. Jerome and show some parts of the film Three men in a boat, mainly part 4 (opening a can without a can opener) 1975 adaptation from YouTube