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  1. English culture and literature - the Renaissance and Romantic period

    The rennaissance and the romantic period - different writing tasks

    General instructions:

    • Remember top-text with your name in it
    • Remember to state which task you have chosen
    • To be submitted electronically: Fronter- 3 engelsk litteratur og kultur- Whole-day examination
    • Remember to give up your sources
    • You may use all kinds of sources, except from being online

    Task 1

    Nina Bell Rui Aadna - 15.08.2014 - 13:38


    Working with literary devices? This sheet can provide a wide range of literary devices with examples to be used on novels, poetry as well as on working with other genres.

    Let students work in groups, and do not hand out the entire sheet at once. It starts out easy where you should define words like alliteration, simile, repetion etc., and then gives you examples where students can find out what literary devices are used.

    Nina Bell Rui Aadna - 10.08.2014 - 13:28