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  1. Instruction in the workshop

    This is an assignment where the student instructs his vocational and English teacher how the process control assembly works, what it does and how to operate it.

    Presentation for English teacher, regarding a process control system for level control.


    • å kunna uttrykkja seg på engelsk om tekniske fag
    • å utvikla ordforrådet
    • å bruka riktige faguttrykk
    • å gje forståeleg informasjon og rettleiing til folk frå andre fagområde

    Kjetil Grønås - 01.09.2014 - 19:54

  2. Bright sparks

    Tekstlesing/tekstforståelse i engelsk. Teksten "Bright sparks" er en artikkel fra magasinet "racecar engineering" som er relativt godt beskrevet både teknisk og engelsk.

    Undervisningsopplegget passer for en økt på fire undervisningstimer. Teksten gir en god innføring i tennpluggens konstruksjon og virkemåte(programfag), samt utvidelse av ordforråd i engelsk.

    asgtr - 15.08.2014 - 12:55

  3. Jobs and tools in Health and Social Care

    Interactive "Jeopardy" quiz game is based on Tracks 1 Health and Social Care. Can work well as a whole group revision game for both VG1 and VG2 Helse- og Sosialfag. A teacher should connect his/her laptop to the projector so students are able to see in a wide-screen format. Split group into two teams. Each team is to select a category and points, the teacher clicks on the points students selected where a question appears. After students have come up with the answer, the teacher clicks on the "arrow" symbol to get "home" on the second page with categories and points.

    Irina Pattaeva - 15.11.2013 - 12:45

  4. Tools. Follow up activities

    TOOLS (a follow up activity)

    Group work (3 people in a group)

    Write a short story. Your characters should make use of some tools (axe, hammer, screwdriver, saw, plane, drill, penknife, pliers, spanner etc.)

    Think about a location /a place, a period of time, characters and events.

    Read your story in class / dramatize it.

    Choose one of these:

    1.A humorous story

    tatbe - 10.08.2014 - 10:17

  5. Gravity Racer (interdisciplinary project)

    Project: Gravity Racer (go-cart)

    Task A

    Read the information about Gravity Racer at and write your answers to the questions:

    1.What is a GRAVITY RACER?

    2.What is the highest speed these cars can achieve?

    3.What is their usual weight and speed?

    tatbe - 11.08.2014 - 08:59