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  1. BabaMail -Would You Like to Experience the Universe?

    With this tool, you can see things smaller than an atom, or bigger than a galaxy. An amazing journey.

    kjesto - 21.10.2014 - 12:32


    By Per Verås | Highlighting Science Teacher Per Verås's Near Space Missions With His Science Class In Norway

    This website highlights my high altitude balloon missions in the upper stratosphere with my students here in Norway. In addition it is a resource for teachers with links to other international near space projects.

    Per Verås - 13.10.2014 - 11:58

  3. Læringsaktivitet: Dannelse av gallesten

    Dette er en læringsaktivitet som ble laget til en sesjon om simuleringer på NKUL 2014.

    Einar Berg - 07.05.2014 - 19:56