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  1. Energi

    Energi - 18.05.2015 - 14:08

  2. Materials - An introduction on steel

    Kort introduksjon i materiallære for mekaniske fag på engelsk.

    Dei fleste arka viser til Wikipedia på engelsk for vidare lesing.

    Kjetil Grønås - 03.09.2014 - 11:13

  3. Threads and screws

    Powerpoint-presentasjon som gjev ei grunnleggjande innføring i kva gjenge og skruar er, og og korleis det metriske gjengesystemet er oppbygd.

    Kjetil Grønås - 03.09.2014 - 11:08

  4. Basic introduction to HSE

    This is a short introduction about what the term HSE means, and how to plan your work according to safety regulations.

    Kjetil Grønås - 30.08.2014 - 13:18

  5. Gravity Racer (interdisciplinary project)

    Project: Gravity Racer (go-cart)

    Task A

    Read the information about Gravity Racer at and write your answers to the questions:

    1.What is a GRAVITY RACER?

    2.What is the highest speed these cars can achieve?

    3.What is their usual weight and speed?

    tatbe - 11.08.2014 - 08:59

  6. Tools. Follow up activities

    TOOLS (a follow up activity)

    Group work (3 people in a group)

    Write a short story. Your characters should make use of some tools (axe, hammer, screwdriver, saw, plane, drill, penknife, pliers, spanner etc.)

    Think about a location /a place, a period of time, characters and events.

    Read your story in class / dramatize it.

    Choose one of these:

    1.A humorous story

    tatbe - 10.08.2014 - 10:17

  7. Jobs and tools in Health and Social Care

    Interactive "Jeopardy" quiz game is based on Tracks 1 Health and Social Care. Can work well as a whole group revision game for both VG1 and VG2 Helse- og Sosialfag. A teacher should connect his/her laptop to the projector so students are able to see in a wide-screen format. Split group into two teams. Each team is to select a category and points, the teacher clicks on the points students selected where a question appears. After students have come up with the answer, the teacher clicks on the "arrow" symbol to get "home" on the second page with categories and points.

    Irina Pattaeva - 15.11.2013 - 12:45

  8. Travelling the USA - nettoppgave for VG1 yrkesfag i engelsk

    Dette er et opplegg hvor elevene skal planlegge en ferietur til USA. De må finne billettpriser, orientere seg i severdigheter, planlegge hvor og hvorfor de ønsker å dra til de forskjellige stedene.

    Arne M. Hansen-Krone - 12.11.2013 - 15:53