Child Education vs Child Labour: write a speech (writing in FYR)


The set of activities helps improve basic skills: listening, writing, talking

Lesson plan:

1. Collect information from different sources online (listening and reading)

2. Swap information with mates (group activity)

3. Write a speech.

4. Peer editing

1. listening to different sources / watching documentaries/ taking notes. The worksheet has a set of different online sources

2. talking/listening to your peers/taking notes/planning a structure of a speech

3. writing

4. peer editing

Each student is assigned a mark for the final version of the manuscript (written communication)

Criteria for assessment:

  1. Content: the text is logically built with cohesion and flow, it has examples from different sources.

  2. Structure: the text has at least 5 paragraphs.

  3. Good command of English (grammar, spelling, different types of sentences, linking words)


laptop, headphones, pen, pencil, copy book, the Internet