Literary Analysis Novel


Read a novel 
(In my class (Engelskspråklig litteratur og kultur programfag) we read three novels: one optional in addition to  "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, and "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald).

Main goal:
to analyze characters and setting in literature

Start out by going through literary devices by watching animations, videos and working with definitions in class.

Define static and dynamic character.



Charles Dickens characters,wikimedia, Creative Commons-lisens: Del på samme vilkår.  

First we work as mentioned above by going through literary devices and reading our novel (in class and at home).

1. Then we move on to the first written assessment which is to describe the main character's

- personality (static, dynamic etc.)

- gender, role

- issues

- flaws

I ask the students to pay attention to vary their use of adjectives. 

2. Oral assement in groups of 4 +/-

Each student present the main character’s personality (name, personality, role, gender, issues, flaws etc. ). They are not supposed to read their notes, but to have a literary "talk". The other members of the group ask at least two questions about the character that must be answered.

3. When the above is done, I ask the students to compare and contrast the main character to one or two characters from the novel. This work is done individually and can be evaluated through a talk. 

4. For those who finish early, I let them continue to work with setting (time, place and historical context). They need to use examples from the novel to illustrate their points.

5. At: "Download skriveoppgaver_elk.docx " you will find 2 topics for essay writing.

Oppgavene til skriftlig og til "setting" leveres. Oppgavene skal være skrevet sammenhengende, og kan vurderes. Muntlig vurdering av gruppeaktivitet, og av klasseromsamtale bør vurderes. Muntlig vurdering dersom tid tillater det. 

Vurderingen kan også gjøres digitalt i form av en refleksjon over arbeid og læring som lydfil eller video.