Working with novel, The Great Gatsby written oral task


This took us roughly 3 weeks to fulfil. We read at home, in class and then we had one entire day where we could work with the written assignements. The tasks were given to them early on so they knew what I would demand from them.

We read the book partly in class while listening, partly alone. You can read and listen to Gatsby here. The students will need headphones and should get to know how to make video in e.g. screencast-o-matic. I use screencast because it allows students to hand in to me in Fronter without adding an entire video file, just a link to their screencast production. Be sure that they create a profile, and publish the video to their own screencast first, then share the link with you on mail/on the platform that you prefer. 




Written tasks

1. Write an introduction to an analysis of your novel. When it is written, what the context is and by whom. Then, summarize the main theme and message of the novel.

2.   Compare and contrast the social setting in the book and in the       movie(s). In which way do they differ?


3.   Comment upon the role the music plays in the film. Pick at least one scene where you compare and contrast the book to the movie. What effect does the music have on the content of the scene(s)?


4.  a. If you were to analyze the book – which literary vocabulary would you apply in order to describe the narration and writing style in your analysis?

    b. If you were to analyze the film – which film vocabulary would you have to apply in order to tell the story or narrative.


5.   Last but not least: what, according to you, is Gatsby’s tragic flaw?



Oral task



Then do the following tasks orally on video. Your face has to be shown as before, but you could also choose to show a background.

1. A dynamic character in literature or film is one that develops as a result of what happens in the story. A static character is one that does not develop, for instance the evil stepmother. Whether it is a static character or a dynamic character the author has chosen this specifically.

Choose at least two characters from the novel you have studied, and compare how they develop and why. You will have to see their character in context. Then assess which of the characters has made the greatest impression on you and explain why.

3 minutes

Written tasks can be handed in and corrected or be used as a base for a dialogue about the novel. 


The oral task is to be handed in as a video link. It should not last longer than 3 minutes. 

Screencast-o-matic profile. You will need to have a profile to share a link. I would not recommend for you to publish videos on You Tube the first time. 


You will have to have ear plugs and a speaker that works. 

Your computer/your device needs to be able to record video

Be aware that if students make a video on their phone, it might get to big for Fronter/other platforms